Set your path to random worlds


I programmed a random planet generator and included it in the game. So when you chose between the left and right paths at the end of a level, you'll see clearly where you are going. Planets, Moons and Asteroid Fields are already integrated. I'll do the same for Space Stations and Wormholes afterwards.


I added a completion percentage of the amount of enemies taken down per level. That completion score is added to the main score. The main score is also stored in a new Hall of Fame screen:


The game engine is getting better with lots of tweaks and bug fixes. Everything is listed in the DEVLOG.

Now I'm going to work on the sound system.  Everything is generated with a real time synthesizer. It's not simple, but very interesting to program!


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Cool little game. Nice gem in the Ukraine bundle. Thanks for you work, I thought it was very cool you were able to create a fully procedurally generated game. I like the C64 music, too. I see you are working on a realtime syntheziser (unless that's what the C64 music already is?) Either way looking forward to what you have in store.

Thanks for your kind words. The musics are real time synthesized modules, which originated back on the Commodore Amiga,  yes. I'm advancing slowly, but I intend to replace those scores by my own at some point.

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Oh so you have a module player in the game already, that's really cool. So S3M, XM, or MOD files I guess. Are they Amiga or C64 modules? It sounds very much like the SID to me.

I'm using Sunvox library, and I was able to play some XM and MOD for testing purpose. As for the rest, I'm still discovering how it works, as each aspect of making a small game like that is an endless pit of very peaky knowledge 😅