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You are the last pilot of the Earth Alliance, our only resort: the Omeganaut!

What I intend to do with Omeganaut is to create a roguelike kind of game out of a 3D Rail Shooter. I take inspiration from Star Fox (Super Nintendo, the best one), classic arcade shooters and the king of roguelike action: Spelunky.

I started this project back in 2012, you can still download the very first alpha version from my website. 

Omeganaut VS Space Invaders


  • Fast-paced gameplay with randomly generated levels
  • No loading time, no cuts between levels
  • Xbox Controller with rumble support
  • VR : Put on your favorite headset and play the game in glorious 3D
  • Small footprint : the entire game can fit inside a good old floppy disk

How to play?

It is recommended to play Omeganaut using a gamepad with analog joystick. But you can also play with a digital pad, a keyboard or even a touchscreen. Just activate the virtual gamepad in the Setup screen.

  • Move around to avoid obstacles
  • Only one button to fire and destroy everything that comes in your way
  • Press the roll buttons to turn faster
  • Double tap the roll button to DO A BARREL ROLL! It is a handy move to avoid danger and to slap nearby enemies

Omeganaut - Warning! Incoming Enemy

Virtual Reality

You can turn on VR in the Setup screen. I only have a Google Cardboard, but maybe it will work with fancy headsets? Please give me feedback if you have the chance to play with such a device ❤️

Working Not working :(
  • Google Cardboard
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • DreamGlass Air
  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Rift / Quest

Development note

Omeganaut is still under construction, using the awesome ZGameEditor engine, which allows a tiny footprint, and two external libraries for physics and modular music.

The downside of a tiny footprint in this modern world is that a few antivirus software will go nuts and return a false positive. It's annoying but there's no reason to worry.

By buying the game, you help me continue making it. Right now, I focus on making the engine good and getting rid of all the bugs, while adding new enemy ships and obstacles now and then.

Omeganaut - Fasten your seatbelt!


ZGameEditor by Ville Krumlinde : http://www.zgameeditor.org
ZgeBullet by Radovan Cervenka : https://github.com/Rado-1/ZgeBullet
SunVox by Alexander Zolotov : http://www.warmplace.ru/soft/sunvox/
The Mod Archive : http://modarchive.org/


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

omeganaut_windows_210802.zip 1 MB
omeganaut_linux_210802.zip 1 MB
Omeganaut_android_210802.apk 1 MB

Development log


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Love this game and the Windows version works excellently. However, when I try and play it on my Android tablet it starts and then crashes out a few seconds into the game. Any ideas?

A high-score table would also be really nice :D


Hi and thank you!
I'm currently working on the next version of the game, and yes, I saw that crash problem on my good old OUYA and on my father's recent Huawei phone. Right now, I have no idea what's going on, but I'm working on it.


Hi, can you try the latest Android version on your tablet and tell me if it is working? If not, can you provide information about your device (serial name/number, Android version, that kind of things...)

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Just tried it, still crashes out I'm afraid.
Device is a Lenovo TB-X103F; running Android 6.0.1


Thanks for the details. I'll see if I can find something out of that. 6.0.1 is Marshmallow API 23, it should run... But there are just too many Android devices to simply make something working on everything 😅

"then crashes out a few seconds into the game" that's interesting. Does it crash if you stay on the game title? Or at some point during the game? Usually (on 3 different devices) it crashes at start. I've never seen it crashing during the game. Do you get an error message?

Error message is the standard "Unfortunately, Omeganaut has stopped" one. I'm pretty sure it's always a few seconds into the game that it crashes.


this is literally (in my opinion) the best starfox fan game in the world, game runs smoothly on my PC and Android, the gamepad does not give any error, the game has a beautiful graphic, boss and incredible enemies

Hahaha, don't exagerate... But I'm planning to get back to work on this game once I'll finish saving all my old flash games with Ruffle emulator before the end of the year.

I exaggerated a little, but do what, right? that game is amazing! and I would love to play your flash games

Almost everything I worked on is here: https://www.txori.com/index.php?static7/jeux

Um ok I'll check it out

This is a cool game! I did notice that the left and right configurations in the keyboard setting at least, did nothing it was only the roll left and roll right that worked

Hi, I never heard of that problem, and I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Can you explain, point per point, how to reproduce your bug, so I can correct it or help you? Thanks.

When I went to configuration to remap the keyboard buttons the buttons that I mapped to left and right did nothing, only roll left and roll right worked. I tried it with a couple different buttons including the arrows

By buttons, you mean keyboard keys or gamepad buttons? Also, what is your OS? Thanks.

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Outstanding game! Very well done! I expected a forgotten demo, but you are still working on it! Amazing! A few things like the charge shot looks strange, and I dislike the hyperspace sections, but the game works very well, good design and it quite enjoyable! Some buttons on xbox game pad are non functional, however. I really appreciate the game's small file size! It is also nice for it to be offline game! Thank you so much for this game! I hope you continue to work on it, and have good health!

Found a bug after canyon, went to 'inside ship' but its walls were missing! doorways were floating, but no walls.

Still is good game, and fun! Thanks for making it able to play offline!!

Thanks for the awesome review. Yes, I'm fixing a few more bugs and the new release should be ready quite soon. Could you give me some more insights about the charge shoot and the hyperspace section? Maybe I can do something about that :)

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The charge shoot sometimes block view, and has very plain animation, visibility issues. The hyperspace section is hard to view, unfortunately, Too visually 'busy', I worry about epileptic. But that does not mean the game is bad, as it is actually quite enjoyable! hope to read change logs and version counter within game soon!

It runs so smooth! Maybe later we can get a frame count option, just for fun. Or perhaps a volume menu for variable effects and music, or even a wireframe gameplay mode :3 Also database feature is very interesting! What game engine does game use? What are issues you have with it? am very curious!

You can press F1 to show fps.

As explained in the game description, I use ZGameEditor. If you go to their forum and check my posts, you'll see all the issues I had. Quite a lot in fact, but mainly questions about how to do things, as the big problem with that engine is that we are very few using it to make games...

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For some reason the game won't recognize some inputs from an Xbox One controller. It recognizes XYBA and the L/R bumpers, along with the two menu buttons, but not the sticks, D-pad or triggers.

edit: Nevermind, analog sticks seem to work. Not the d-pad or triggers, though.  

Thanks for your report. I don't have an Xbox one controller in order to try but I'll see if I can do something about that. For the d-pad, is it some or all the directions that are not detected?

Doesn't seem to detect any direction on the D-Pad. But since the analog sticks work, it's not such a big problem. 


All right. Omeganaut is meant to be played with the Analog stick, while D-pad detection is mostly used  for retro 8bitdo gamepads.


XBox controller is now fully supported, with rumble too!

Wanna try it but keep getting "ZZDC error dsound failed", anyone know what the problem is?

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Never saw that one...

Have you unzipped the game correctly before playing ? Check that you have sunvox.dll in your folder.
What kind of computer do you have? Please give details about OS and computer parts (such as sound card). Thanks.

Please get Quest support. Game looks cool.

Unfortunately, I don't have 450€ to buy a Quest.


This game rocks man, a pleasure to play. Bit rough with keyboard but you can make it work easily enough! Game looks good, I'm super stoked to see your next release. I love the randomized levels & the soundtrack is great - my favourite pick has to be bzl - storm. Awesome work man! WOW this is a small filesize too, wild.
Cheers for linking to modarchive.org in your blog, dope site with tons of chiptunes!

Thank you for the encouragements! You should try playing using a gamepad with analog joystick, it's much better.

ZGameEditor is awesome to make fast and small games, but the downside is that everything is quite hard to make, so I'm advancing slowly. Next release is almost ready. I'm waiting for polygons depth sorting to be repaired for Android export.

And yeah, good old modarchive. You won't believe how many musics I had to listen in order to find what I want for Omeganaut. But I'll have to replace those at some point :)

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Aye I could imagine you had to look for quite a while! Youtube compilations of keygen/crack music seem to all use mods like what are hosted there so if you give those a listen and hear something you like it might help speed up the selection process.

Otherwise, busted out an old xbox USB controller and it works like an absolute charm. Cheers!

Good luck man. Seems like you've already come a really long way with the platform


I downloaded the Android version because I have no MS Windows. (Linux version please?)

Regardless, this game is awesome, and stole an unknown amount of hours from my life immediately after installing it.

I want to offer some suggestions though; try using subtle shading to help with depth perception. The further away, the darker the colour temperature, the closer something gets, the closer the colour temperature gets to the player ship, and when they pass they reach the same colour. Look at my otherwise much simpler and less fun little game prototype thing I made in Scratch: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/89719760/  Notice how I made the arches kind of fade in. In this case I used transparency to achieve the effect. The drawback of this that overlapping things in the distance makes it confusing which order they are in. But I bet you can figure out some shader magic.

Also, an easy mode where your bullet hit boxes are bigger would be nice, at least for the android version, my phone only has a 5.65 inch screen, and I am not very good with virtual touch screen controllers that has no haptic feedback. Or, Linux version please?

Maybe you could make a very subtle vibration that starts when your thumb gets off centre and gets  bigger the further out on the virtual stick you are? With the max vibration on the edge being not much more than the on screen keyboard key press feedback.

Thank you AlveKatt for this long review. As I'm currently putting together the next release of the game, every feedback is important.

For starters, there is already a fog effect to perceive the distance. It's not as blatant as your Scratch game, but it's there. I'll try to augment it a bit.

Sorry, no easy mode. I make tough games :D
But you can play with a gamepad, it's much easier.

I tried to compile a Linux version, but for that, I need to compile the external libraries for Linux too, and it's not that simple... What you can do is install Wine on your system. Omeganaut for Windows works flawlessly with it.

I'll see if I can access Android vibration from ZGameEditor for a better haptic feedback. Do you have an example of Android game having a good haptic virtual joystick?

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Hi Alvekatt, in case you missed the info, Linux version is now available!


My pc keeps telling me this is a virus :((( does someone know how to fix this problem?


Indeed. I'm getting the same issue. Windows Defender thinks it's a trojan. Most likely a false positive, but the dev might want to look into what could be causing it.

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Sorry for the inconvenience. This is a known problem. ZGameEditor compiles executables so small that some antivirus think it's a virus... And it's very annoying for me. You can read the full discussion about that pesky problem here: http://www.emix8.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1339

Is your Window Defender's database updated to the latest version? It's been a while since that one throw a heuristic false positive.

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Appears to be, but my machine is in a delayed release group for the Windows 10 May 2020 update, so it's possible the issue will be fixed when MS rolls out the May 2020 update to everyone.


Just a quick heads up, running Windows Update to update the Defender definitions did indeed fix this issue for me

I was wondering the same thing, it would be great if this actually works on an oculus quest, Looks like a great game, and I'm old enough to remember how awesome starfox was.

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Hi tjoen. I am wondering that too. But as I already responded, I don't have 500€ to buy an oculus quest... :/

Fair point. Been looking into zgameeditor today to see if I can build a simple vr test but they don't seem to have a vr template.
I do have some experience with building android games: http://barricados.com/games 

I'll let you know my progress, if I get nowhere I will buy it anyway.
I think you would benefit a lot from having the game in the sidequest app,

Kind regards, Tjoen

Hello Txori.

So I read in the comments that you are duplicating the camera.
I actually tried that myself with a small three.js vr game.

That method is not going to work on the quest. Just to completely sure, I installed the early access version from the playstore.
Unfortunately it does not work, as I expected. It starts, but the controllers are not mapped correctly (which makes sense),
screen is not full screen but windowed, and when enabling vr, it just adds an extra screen next to it.

It's a shame, because this would have been a great game with a nice retro feel, a bit like Minotaur Arcade on the psvr.

Kind regards



Thanks for this clever information. I'll take a look at quest devkit. If they have simple dll, maybe I could use it with ZGameEditor. But it shouldn't be that simple...


Great, I'll be sure to check back sometime soon. Good luck Txori!

Works on Quest?

What is Quest?

Sorry, Oculus Quest, similar to GearVR or Oculus Go, but 6DOF...

What I do in the game to enable 3D is adding another camera so there are two screens in one screen, which is how Google Cardboard works. I was hoping that big 3D glasses would work the same but I really don't know. I don't own such a device...

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I'd test it but $5 is a bit much if it doesn't work.

(GearVR apps often work though, Oculus seems to have grown Go/Quest apps from that same core)

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If you think 5$ is too much, then don't buy it. No problem. I don't have 500$ to buy an Oculus Quest in order to test it for you.


i love this game, no bugs so far, i would really love to see this game develope further


Thanks for the kind words. Once the winner of the Omeganaut Spaceship Contest will be known, I'm going to work on it!

Hola soy nuevo el juego se puede tener gratis de alguna forma? o es pago nada mas?

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Hola Luchiii.
Desafortunadamente, el tiempo en que ofrecí mis juegos gratis casi ha terminado: ahora los comerciales no pagan lo suficiente y necesito comprar comida para sobrevivir. Entonces el juego no es gratis, pero $5 es realmente barato.
Gracias por su apoyo.

Playing in mobile. Touchscreen digital pad is small tho.

Hi. What's your mobile? Can you post a screenshot so I can see what's going on and if can I improve that?


It was kinda small but i'm kinda used to it. I'm playing with LG q6+ (5.5 inches screen). 

Aiming would be more precise if the the analog is bigger. Making the barrel roll button bigger would be great too. I sometimes missed the button while trying deflect  rockets. But overall great work, Txori. Thank you for replying.

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Thanks for your help. I'll see if I can add an option in the setup screen to resize those buttons without breaking everything 😅

Meanwhile, you should try to play with a gamepad and analog stick if you have one, it's so much better 😉

Good idea

Hi, just a quick note to say you can now set the size and the position of the Virtual Gamepad in the Setup Screen.

hey, I paused my antivirus and the game worked. Unfortunately not in vr tho. It goes into side by side mode on my monitor but will not go into the headset of the vive. 

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Cool :) Thanks for the report. So what does it display on the Vive? Nothing? Just a full screen? I have absolutely no ideas how those headsets works. On Android, it's quite simple: two cameras + two lenses = 3D

nothing at all in the headset

In the meantime, I've read a bit about HTC Vive and it's not working like I thought it was. It seems to handle the two cameras on two separate screens, unlike Google Cardboard / Samsung Gear that have two lenses on one screen divided into two. Not much I can do without the headset to run tests... Sorry.


this looks so cool! I will try with my vive pro right away and let you know

Woot! Thanks 😊